Monday, 12 December 2011

Dream Warriors

I found a site yesterday with an article that proclaimed that a psychologist had discovered people who play video games to be better in dreams.

Dream  warriors
With the ability to change things happening around them and have an unusual heightened awareness of the dream world around them. The scientist also says that this may help people with any mental trauma issues or even those who want to fight their nightmares.
Apparently gamers also benefit by having more memories they can take away from dreams which is pretty cool and according to the Psychologist may make gamers less violent to an extent. Hence the title this is so much like 'Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors' I believe the film was called that.
You know the one with the horrible cheesy 80's Dokken playing the soundtrack. So yeah thought this was an interesting article and always wondered why my dreams seem to fluctuate so much and i almost always end up fighting zombies. Here is a link Click me please!

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